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Yard Cleanup

Lannen’s Lawn & Sprinkler, your reliable Albuquerque landscaping and maintenance experts, are dedicated to delivering professional yard cleanup services. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of Albuquerque homeowners. We value our customers and take immense pride in our work.

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Seasonal Yard Cleanups in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales.

Expert Yard Cleanup Services for Maintaining Your Beautiful Outdoor Space.

Welcome to Lannen’s Lawn & Sprinkler, your trusted source for seasonal yard cleanup services in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales. We specialize in transforming overgrown and cluttered outdoor areas into pristine landscapes that you can enjoy year-round.

Our seasonal yard cleanups are designed to take the hassle out of yard maintenance, ensuring that your outdoor space remains in top-notch condition, no matter the season. Whether it’s a fall refresh or spring rejuvenation, our expert team will work diligently to keep your yard looking its best.

We also offer one-time yard cleanup services for those special occasions when your yard needs some extra TLC. Our commitment to excellence extends to residents and businesses in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales, as we take pride in beautifying our local communities. Trust us to make your outdoor space shine.

The Benefits of Our Yard Cleanup Services

Our yard cleanup services offer residents and businesses a host of valuable benefits:

  • Debris Removal: Excessive debris can hinder water evaporation and block sunlight, creating conditions for mold, fungus, and disease to thrive in your grass. Additionally, it can attract pests like mosquitoes and other nuisances, further jeopardizing your lawn’s health. Restoring your grass to its optimal state can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process
  • Efficiency: Tackling a debris-laden yard on your own demands significant time and effort. Our yard cleanup professionals employ specialized tools, including vacuum blowers and large rakes, that most homeowners don’t have readily available. This allows us to deliver quick and effective results, revitalizing your landscape efficiently.
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Services Included in Our Yard Cleanups

As the leaves start to fall and the seasons change, it’s essential to prepare your yard for the challenges that autumn brings. At Lannen’s Lawn & Sprinkler, we provide comprehensive fall yard cleanup services for residents and businesses in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your outdoor space remains pristine, healthy, and ready for the colder months ahead.

Our Fall Yard Cleanup Services: 

  • Leaf Removal: Our experienced team will meticulously and methodically clear away fallen leaves from your yard. This essential service not only prevents leaves from smothering your precious grass but also ensures a pristine and well-groomed appearance for your landscape. By expertly raking, gathering, and removing leaves, we help your yard maintain its health, allowing the grass to breathe, receive sunlight, and thrive. This attention to detail results in a yard that looks immaculate and ready to enjoy, no matter the season. 
  • Debris Cleanup: At Lannen’s Lawn & Sprinkler, our dedicated team specializes in efficiently removing a variety of debris, including twigs, branches, and other natural clutter that can accumulate throughout the seasons. We understand that these elements can mar the beauty of your landscape and create hazards. With our debris cleanup service, we meticulously clear your outdoor space, leaving it pristine and inviting. Our commitment to thoroughness ensures that your landscape remains not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and enjoyable for all your outdoor activities. Trust us to keep your environment tidy and welcoming year-round. 
  • Pruning and Trimming: We’ll trim overgrown branches and bushes, promoting healthy growth and improving the overall aesthetics of your landscape.
  • Weed Control: Our weed control measures will help eliminate invasive weeds and prevent them from taking over your yard.
  • Mulching: We’ll apply a fresh layer of mulch to your plant beds, providing insulation for your plants and enhancing their soil quality.
  • Beds: Our team reshapes your plant beds to ensure even nutrient distribution and enhance the visual appeal of your landscape.

By choosing Lannen’s Lawn & Sprinkler for your fall yard cleanup, you’ll enjoy a well-maintained landscape throughout the autumn season. Contact us today to schedule your fall cleanup services and keep your yard in top shape.

Fall Yard Cleanups for Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Corrales

As the seasons change and leaves begin to fall, it’s time to prepare your yard for the coming winter. Our fall cleanup services are designed to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy outdoor space. We’ll remove fallen leaves, clear away debris, trim overgrown branches, and tackle those pesky weeds. With our expertise, your yard will be ready to face the challenges of the colder months, ensuring it looks its best year-round. Trust us to keep your landscape in top shape this fall.

In need of top-notch yard cleanup services? Look no further!

Our team of experienced landscapers is here to rejuvenate your landscape. Contact us today at (505) 554-9554 for professional yard cleanup services in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales, and the surrounding areas. Let us transform your outdoor space into a stunning masterpiece!

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